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Introduction of Smart Machine Client

Factory Monitoring

  • Daily utilization rate of machine tool
  • Daily utilization rate of robotic arm

Machine Tool Monitoring

  • Status of machines
  • Upload and download NC programs
  • Tool correction
  • Workpiece coordinates
  • Spindle speed
  • Machine coordinates
  • Abnormal alert
  • Pitch compensation
  • Machine mode

Robotic Arm Monitoring

  • Coordinate information
  • Power-on time
  • Operating time
  • Status of machines

PLC Monitoring

  • X node
  • Y node
  • M code (value)
  • D code (value)

I/O Monitoring

  • Stack lights
  • I/O Control


Connection Setting


Factory MonitoringMachine Tools MonitoringRobotic Arm MonitoringPLC MonitoringI/O Monitoring


Detailed Information
of Utilization Rate
Utilization Rate
of Machine Tools
Utilization Rate of Robotic Arm


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