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Target Marketing

1.Wholesale Company


When some manufacturers sell their machines, they would like to add their own exclusive functions, such as power monitoring, chatter suppression, production schedule, and utilization rate, etc. We can also provide corresponding solutions.

2.Processing Plant / Production Line


Through this product, it can replace manpower to record data, easily generate reports, and improve the utilization rate, etc.


MES or ERP System Company

Since most MES and ERP system companies are not directly integrated with machine tool factory. Thus, this product can be used to upload data and easily connect with the machine tool factory market without secondary development.



Most customers have limited ability to develop and cannot integrate their own systems. This product can be installed and immediately had network integration with the machine.

Business Promotion

Target Customers

Hardware Company

Industrial computer manufacturers would like to penetrate the market in machine network supply chain.

End-user Customer

End-users, Small and Medium Enterprises, and non-professional engineering staff need to upgrade the industry through the introduction of the client.

SI factory

It is suitable for SI factory with professional engineering staff, which can carry out software installation and engineering construction to the end-user customer.

Central Factory Agent

It is suitable for CNC machine and equipment manufacturers, which can add this product to the machine controller in order to enhance the added value of the machine.


It is suitable for MES or ERP system manufacturers, through the networking platform, you can develop related services.
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