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Introduction of Smart Machine Engine

Product Advantages

1. OPC UA officially authorizes member and is able to process secondary commercial development.
2. It can support for old machine tools (no Ethernet interface).

Equipping standardly with whole field utilization rate and reporting system

Uploading and downloading various controllers’ programs (NC programs)

Secondary developing to various platforms and human machines

Calculating machining components and machining traceability

Customizing OPC Server system

Supporting temperature sensor and IO control board

Backing up Database (black box function)

Increasing the degree of automation in factory rapidly

Introduction of Smart Machine Box

Smart Machine Engine is mainly focusing on integrating existed industry-related technologies, sensors and smart compensation to build smart factories with rapid integration, high intelligence and human resource efficiency. Its technical foundation is the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices, and the use of the German industrial communication protocol OPC UA to connect the major controller brands in series (including Robot, CNC and PLC).

As schematic diagram of the traditional factory shown in the following page, the traditional factory requires a large manpower to monitor the machine all the time, which is hard to control the utilization rate and production schedule, etc. It causes waste of manpower and utilization of machines. Thus, with installing this system, labor costs can be greatly reduced and production quality can be improved.

Currently, Smart Machine Engine supports different brands of controller and robotic arm, and PLC. For controllers, it supports brands of FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, Mitsubishi, SIEMENS, SYNTEC, LNC and ITRI. For robotic arms, it supports brands of FANUC, Delta, LNC, and TOSHIBA. For PLC, it supports brands of Mitsubishi, KEYENCE, Delta, and OMRON. 

Schematic Diagram of the Traditional Factory

Schematic Diagram of the Factory Installed Smart Machine Engine

Most of the commercially available machine networking integration software can only read and write parameters, but cannot integrate external devices. By installing Smart Machine Engine, we can easily make the remote stop.

※ ex:
ecute programs, integrate sensors (temperature and humidity sensor, vibration), and connect to old machine tools (no Ethernet) without using expensive AD conversion cards. It will reduce a lot of developing time. Also, through the method of machine learning, it can collect data to do feature analysis and to build system module through algorithm in order to develop related services for solving problems in the industry. 

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